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Once you have registered and logged in to the Onboard Portal via this link

Go to the menu on the left and select Sheet Ordering 

Order Guide.png

Once Sheet Ordering is selected the following screen will appear 

Order Guide2.png

Click on Add Line, and the below ordering box will pop up.

Order Guide3.png

This is where you can add all the details about your order.

  • Requested Date 

  • Click on FSC Compliant (mandatory)

  • Enter your specific Order Reference & Line Reference (Order reference must be unique each time, if you don't have a line reference use the same number as Order Reference) 

  • The Line notes section is for any special instructions you may have 

  • Code (Material) This is to find the grade you would like. This is linked to your current price list. 

If a grade you require isn't listed on your price list please email or prior to placing an order. 

  • Enter the sizes you require Deckle (width) Chop (length) in (mm) 

Minimum Deckle size is 200mm - Maximum Deckle size is 2461mm

Minimum Chop size is 575mm - Maximum Deckle size is 4369mm 

  • Add Scores if required and each score is written like this for example 500,100,500,100 (using a comma in between them 

*Scores must add up and match the deckle size*

  • Enter the quantity of sheets you require. 

All the prices will automatically be uploaded for you. 

Once you have finished you can now click on UPDATE to close the order sheet down. 

Order Guide4.png

The line is now complete, at this stage you can still go back and edit the line or even cancel it off. 

You can also click on ADD LINE to input another order line if required. 

Once you are happy and all details are accurate and correct you simply click on Submit Sheet Order, this will then transfer through to us automatically. 

The portal will keep your order history so you can go back and view previous order history or even grades. 

If you have any questions regarding using the Onboard Portal for placing orders please email

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