Once you have registered and logged in to the Onboard Portal via this link

Go to the menu on the left and select Invoices, Credits & PODs

Once Invoices, Credits & PODs is selected the following screen will appear

On the three arrows above, You can select the search from and search too dates and also set the default date ranges if required. 

Once you have selected the date range that you require it will automatically bring up all the specific Invoices and Credits from the date ranges requested. 

You can search all individual lines of an invoice by clicking the i button as pointed out below. 

Once the i button has been selected the below fields will be displayed. 

This will display the following. 

POD - Which will open the POD for that order. 

Product - The Board Grade you have ordered. 

Description - This will be your description line including RMC details. 

S/O Number - This will be the same number that you will receive on the order acknowledgement.

Order Ref - This will be your order number for the specific job. 

If you require any further help please email

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