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We’re an independent, highly responsive, sustainably competitive plant with our own dedicated flexible transport Fleet. Operating with a team of 85 dedicated people and utilising the industry-leading Abaca business system & Dr Corr; able to integrate directly with our clients in terms of electronic ordering and invoicing.


Operating corrugator

A 2.5m machine, producing A, E, B, C, P, BB, EB, PB, CA and BC flutes.

Quality products at the right price to make customers more competitive


Board Grades

  • B FLUTE: 3mm

  • C FLUTE: 4mm

  • E FLUTE: 1.5mm

  • P FLUTE: 2mm

  • BC FLUTE: Double Wall - 6mm - B + C flutes 

  • EB FLUTE: Double Wall - 4.5mm - E + B flutes

  • BB FLUTE: Double Wall - 6mm - B + B Flutes

  • BP FLUTE: Double Wall - 5mm - B + P Flutes

B flute is amongst the most commonly used type of cardboard used for packaging applications. Being 3mm in thickness, it is exceptionally versatile and can be used in both die cutting and regular case-making processes

It gives good all-round performance in all types of packaging.

It typically has a total of 47 flutes per linear foot including a thickness of 1/8th”.


C Flute is between 3.5mm and 4mm in thickness, C flute offers greater compression strength than B Flute. This means it provides better stacking strength when used for lightweight products.

However, it can, if used in the wrong application, be prone to crushing.

C-flute has 39 flutes per linear foot and a thickness of 3/16ths”.

E flute is approximately 1mm to 1.5mm in thickness, providing a very fine flute. This not only gives it excellent compression strength and crush resistance, but also means it provides a high quality surface for printing.

As a result, it is commonly used smaller cartons, where good quality print is required, plus die cutting applications.

E-Flute has 90 flutes per foot and a thickness of 1/16th

BC Flute Being 6mm to 7mm in thickness, this double wall material combines both B and C flutes together. This gives a good all round performance, making it common for producing shipping boxes that offer a higher level of transit protection.

Due to this, only basic print (such as flexographic) tends to be added.

EB Flute is around 4mm to 4.5mm thick, EB flute (as the name suggests) combines E and B flutes into a double walled material. Due to utilising both a very fine (E) and relatively large (B) flute, this grade provides an excellent balance between transit protection, strength and print finish.

Below is a list of common terms you may come across:

  • Chop - The length of the sheet

  • Deckle - The width of the paper or board being run on a corrugator

  • Double wall board - A combination of two layers of board. The board therefore comprises of: liner/fluting/liner/fluting/liner

  • Edge crush test - A corrugated board strength test of vertical crush resistance

  • Flute - A single ridge in the fluting medium or on a corrugator roll

  • Grammage - Weight of paper specified as g/m2 (grams per square metre)

  • Liner Outer - Paper used for the outside of the corrugated board

  • Liner Inner - Paper used for the inside of the corrugated board

  • Single wall - A board combination comprising of: liner/flute/liner

  • 60 Core low cost board grades.

  • Efficient paper buying.

    Sharp and intelligent purchase procedures Good relationships with international suppliers High quality paper at competitive prices.

  • Planned investment.

    Initial and or ongoing investment from shareholders Solid financial support from Finance Institutions.

  • Good business management.

    Strong management team.
    Continuous management and staff training Good financial control.
    Efficient management reporting systems.

  • Best lead times.

    66% of our production is delivered the next day.

  • MOQ from 200m3.

    On some board grades.

  • 200 + board grades in portfolio.

  • Capacity 150 million square metre per year.

    Second corrugator commissioned recently to ensure security of supply to customers.

  • Dedicated transport fleet.

    Onboard has over 30 trailers and 20 Articulated Trucks and a number of smaller vehicles to look after our customers.

  • Paper and Board testing lab.

    In House Testing to industry standards. SCT, ECT, Burst Strength, compression and other key tests, Board designed to perform at target values.

  • Site owned by Onboard.

    The site from which the business is run is owned by On- board and there has been a major investment in machinery, infrastructure computerised systems and advanced technology to operate the business efficiently.

Onboard Corrugated have and will continue investing in the future

Onboard Corrugated have and will continue investing in the future

There is be a continuous recruitment of skilled staff, which will increase our capacity by 50% in 2016. Maintaining ample latent capacity and with the ability to cope with additional demand at peak times, keeping lead times to a minimum. Radio controlled Bar Code System provides accurate stock control and administration. EDI and B2B Functionality with systems are also in place. Certifications have been obtained for ISO9001:2015 and FSC® - INT-COC-002045

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