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Special delivery for Onboard

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

We often hear people say better late than never…

This has been so true – when it came to paper deliveries!!

However we are so pleased to announce that the first two of our 25 new custom-built trailers arrived at our site in Wolverhampton today. The others are due to follow within the next two weeks.

Having our own transport fleet has been the centre of our dedicated delivery service as a matter of policy. We want to be in total control of our fleet.

After investing some £200k on concreating our lorry park, we have been recently granted an extension for our operator’s licence, so we can have 25 Articulated units and 50 Trailers. We are taking full advantage of our extension.

Onboard is growing and this year sales have doubled as beautiful board is smoothly being delivered by our No 1 BHS corrugator- now producing well over 11 million square meters a month.

We are doing something fantastic to our number two machine- will update in due course.

Although paper has been tight, our lead times and service levels even in the busiest periods have been a level above others. Our emergency service to any one of up to two loads a week has been very well appreciated by the trade.

In short- when we say we are dedicated sheet feeders – we mean it. Try us.

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