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Klingele Group acquires 50% of Onboard‘’New partner boosts Onboard’s ability to serve its clients’’

The German-based family-owned Klingele Group, one of Europe’s leading independently owned manufacturers of paper and packaging have acquired 50% of Onboard Corrugated Limited and Onboard Investments Limited.

Onboard Corrugated Limited, the UK-based dedicated sheet-feeder and Onboard Investments Limited are to become wholly owned subsidiaries of newly formed Klingele Onboard (Holdings) Limited.

Onboard Corrugated Limited has been growing steadily over the past few years by virtue of very competitive prices, a wide range of board grades and very short lead times. The company is now well poised for the next stage in their quest to become the leading independent dedicated sheet feeder in the UK. The plant is well invested with two updated corrugators served with a new materials handling facility and has a solid volume base comfortably in excess of 100 million sqm pa to build upon. Onboard will look to continue to develop itself further on the back of strong strategic partnerships with like-minded independent box plants.

The Klingele Group, the family-owned company is an international supplier of paper, corrugated cardboard packaging solutions and adhesives. Klingele, including its affiliated partners, has a presence for its customers in Europe, Africa and Central America in its Paper and Packaging business divisions including two paper mills, twelve corrugated cardboard plants and eight processing plants. These plants employ a total of 2,400 people achieving a turnover approaching a billion Euros. Klingele is also part of the pan European alliance Blue Box Partners.

Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group stated, “We have known Onboard Corrugated for many years as a trustworthy customer for our corrugated base papers. With our investment we want to further support the positive development of the company and participate in the successful growth of the sheet-feeding business, I am delighted to support Onboard even more in the future and looking forward to the journey ahead.”

Paul Jundu founder and CEO of Onboard said “Onboard has come a long way since starting this project and has forged a good reputation as a quality, innovative and reliable sheet-feeder with a primary focus on supporting independently owned sheet plants. I was delighted when Dr Jan Klingele expressed an interest in joining forces with Onboard and choosing us as a partner & support us to develop the UK market. I firmly believe with the vast resources and experience of the Klingele Group now behind us, Onboard can continue to grow its status as the UK’s only pure sheet feeder that doesn’t directly compete with its customers. It really is excellent news for our customers, suppliers and staff and I look forward to this exciting journey.”

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