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We're an independent, highly responsive, sustainable, competitive plant operating with the following infrastructure:

A team of 85 dedicated people. Operating two corrugators. A 2.5m machine, running E, B, C, P, BB, EB, PB and BC flutes.

A 2.2m machine, running B, C flute. Operating out of a 144,000 square feet site. Utilising the industry-leading Abaca business system we are able to integrate directly with our clients in terms of electronic ordering and invoicing.

Behind the scenes

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100% independant

Operating from a 144,000 square feet site within the heart of the UK

leading systems

Using Abaca and Dr Corr systems enables us to integrate directly with clients using electronic ordering & invoicing

skilled professionals 

Employing a highly skilled team in excess of 85 professionals, working to the very highest of standards

Our corrugators

We have two corrugators. 2.5m running E, B, C, P. BB. PB & BC Flutes. 

2.2m running E, B, C, EB & BC Flutes

sourcing Sustainably

All of our container board suppliers are FSC® Certified